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The Wave at the End of the World


The Wave at the end of the World

A boy and dolphin hunt a magic book stolen by the witch queen


Asmotana, the alien witch queen who rules the North Pole, has stolen a magic book that creates whatever it names. Palu, a young boy, and Phosphor, prince of dolphins, set off to reclaim it. They encounter a singing whale, a mad king, and a sinister jackal who guards an ancient undersea tunnel. The tunnel's incredibly fast waters carry them to the sunken city of Kahi Nub at the frontier of the Pole. Separated by a shark attack, Palu becomes a prisoner of Nembis, Asmotana's terrible fortress, but escapes and reclaims the book. As he tries to join the great host bearing down on Nembis the book seems to be telling his story. In it is good news about the tremendous battle ahead, but also an exploding star and mighty wave that seem to spell the end of all things. A tale of oceans, magic and ice, The Wave at the end of the World is an epic fantasy designed for children of all ages. 





Lynne Munn - Poet
Richard Snr- Actor
Barry Flanagan - Sculptor